Loan Shark FAQ

In this section we will try and explain most of the frequently asked questions about loan sharks. 

What Is A Loan Shark

A loan shark term usually refers to lenders who lend with high interest rates and fees. e.g. Advance payday loans


Loan Sharks in NZ

Loan sharks in NZ offer loans to people who are not able to get loans from banks or normal lenders.


Most frequent questions and answers

Most of the loan sharks in New Zealand are based online and anyone can apply for loan online. All you will need is your bank statement and few IDs.

There are few loan sharks in Hamilton that offer loans to anyone who need money urgently but have bad credit.

Loan sharks charge very high interest rates to cover their cost and to make profit. It can range from 1000% per year and goes up to 3000% and sometimes more

Most of the loan sharks are based online, so find a loan shark all you have to do is search for it online.

Most of the loan sharks in New Zealand are legal. They are registered and comply to NZ standards. 

Getting loans from loan sharks are not very difficult. All you will have to provide few documents and IDs and fill out online loan form. 

“Loan Shark FAQ”

We are constantly adding more and more faq, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in regards to loan sharks in New Zealand. We will try and answer it as soon as possible
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